If you are striving to be the best we want you.

If you are striving to be the best we want you.

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High-Risk Merchants

Acceptable High-Risk Merchants

Adult Content

Animals by Mail


Bail Bond Issuers

Business Opportunity

Discount Buying Clubs/Prepaid Discount Services (including medical)

Direct Marketing / Continuity E-Cigarettes (CNP)

Extended Warranty & Protection Services

Furniture / Home Improvement

Firearms: Retail & CNP

Gift Certificate & Stored Value

Internet Payment Service Providers (Including High Risk)

Large Average Ticket Size >$2,500

Loans: Consumer Auto Loans & Student Loans

Medical & Dental Loan Payments

Memberships / Subscriptions Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)


Pharmacy: Retail & CN

Prepaid Phone Cards

Ticket Brokers

Tobacco (CNP)

Prohibited High-Risk Merchants



Check Cashing Services Collection Agencies Credit Repair/Restoration

Cruise Lines

Debt Counseling

Debt Consolidation Drug Paraphernalia Escort Services

Gambling — in person or online (all types including: car racing, dog & horse racing, lotteries, fantasy sports, bingo, etc.) Gold, Coins, Precious Metals

Illegal Products

Lottery Sales

Loan Modifications/Mortgage Relief

Medical Marijuana/Dispensaries

Off-Shore Merchants

Payday Loans

Penny Auctions Quasi Cash-Money Service Business

Time Share

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